Warm caprese salad

Beef skewers

Crab causa

Chicken & artichoke pizza


Location: Downtown (Oregon District)


Genre: World-fusion (Peruvian, French, Mediterranean)


Website: www.salarrestaurant.com


What the table ordered: (3 people)

Bottle of rosé wine, 2 fruit gimlet cocktails, beef skewers, crab causa, warm caprese salad, beef skewers, grilled chicken & artichoke artisanal pizza


Cost of entire meal: $100.81




My 2 cents: I'm so happy to have a trendy, upscale spot like this in the Oregon District. Salar is always a go-to option when I want to get dressed up and have some great food and drinks downtown. Since I'm a big fan of cocktails, I appreciate the diverse drink selection (though I typically don't stray from the fruit gimlet). I personally ordered the crab causa and caprese salad which were both fantastic - though I will admit that the crab causa was just a little on the salty side. The ambiance of Salar is one of my favorites in the area, and I particularly love the cozy lounge area in the back (sometimes reserved for private parties). Lastly, the complimentary hummus and free valet parking are great perks. One caviat - not really the place to go if you're trying to be good with money for the night...as you can see from the healthy bill that 3 girls were able to rack up during this meal.

400 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402

400 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402

Salar 400 E 5th St Dayton, OH 45402