Egg.cheese.sausage sandwich


Nutella pancake balls


Mazatlán pork sandwich


Location: Victorian Village


Genre: Latin American, Sandwiches, also specializing in breakfast/brunch dishes


Website: www.katalinascolumbus.com


What the table ordered: (4 people)

2 watermelon lemonades, 1 coffee,

Mazatlán slow roasted pork & egg sandwich,

chorizo mac and cheese, Katalina's Original

Latin pancake balls (Nutella-filled),

egg/cheese/sausage sandwich


Cost of entire meal: $47.15


My 2 cents: Love this place! I've been

to Katalina's several times now and its never

disappointed. My only complaint is that I

wish they had a larger seating area. This

place is so popular that you typically have to

fight for a table out on their patio. I've never

tried a dish that I didn't like at Katalina's -

everything has always been super rich and favorful. I'm not a huge breakfast food person but for those of you that are, you'll love their Latin-inspired egg, chorizo, and pork dishes. Additionally, the wait staff has always been quick and friendly. I'd highly recommend this spot for a nice afternoon out with a group of friends.


Chorizo mac & cheese

1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Columbus, OH

1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Columbus, OH

Katalina's 1105 Pennsylvania Ave. Columbus, OH 43201

Watermelon lemonade