Chicken and waffles


Crab Po'Boy


Gazpacho, macaroni, salad


Location: Short North


Genre: American




What the table ordered: (4 people)

2 beers, 2 Bloody Marys, 2 chicken and

waffles, soft shell crab Po'Boy (on special),

small kale salad, side of mac n' cheese,

watermelon gazpacho (on special)


Cost of entire meal: $59.10


My 2 cents: First, I need to shed a tear for

the old Bodega. I hate to say it, but after

their recent Summer 2014 renovation, I'm

a much bigger fan of the 'old' Bodega than the 'new' Bodega. In my opinion, the changes in menu, decor, and service style are all for the worse. It went from a sit-down restaurant full of character and unique menu items to a more wide-open, fast-food-ish vibe - go to 10 different stations to order your food (exaggeration...but its an odd system) - and now you can choose between chicken, burgers, fish, chicken...chicken...some more chicken. The menu struck me as a KFC sprinkled with a few random, healthy items like kale salad. No one at the table was completely dissatisfied with our food, but certainly none of us were blown away like we previously were with the old menu. I typically have a positive edge to my reviews...but this is the first restaurant on my blog so far that I would not recommend to my friends!



Bloody Mary

1044 N High St Columbus, OH 43201

1044 N High St Columbus, OH 43201

Bodega 1044 N High St. Columbus, OH 43201