Sauerkraut balls

Jager schnitzel

Potato-filled pierogies

Swirl rye bread

Lithuanian Sampler


Location: North Dayton


Genre: Eastern European (German, Polish, Hungarian)




What the table ordered: (2 people)

Bitburger beer, Paulaner beer, swirl rye bread (complimentary), Sauerkraut balls, side of potato-filled pierogies, Jager schnitzel, Lithuanian platter (kugelis, virtinai,

Lithuanian sausage, sauerkraut)


Cost of entire meal: $57.83




My 2 cents: First of all, I have to start by saying

that although we were THOSE customers that

ended up walking in 30 minutes before closing

time, the staff was refreshingly friendly and

didn't make us feel rushed. Walking into this

quaint, historic building, I think I expected a

little more character on the inside. It wasn't an ugly place - just didn't quite match the charm of the exterior. The menu was diverse and the dishes seemed to be pretty authentic (although I can't say with certainty because I haven't traveled to Eastern Europe yet...). As for our dishes - the sauerkraut balls, potato-filled pierogies and Lithuanian sampler were incredibly tasty. I wasn't a huge fan of the Jager schnitzel (and I do normally like Jager schnitzel), mainly because the spaetzle seemed a bit dry and I was overwhelmed by a strong taste of butter. We also tried a sample of the turtle soup (of course, I had to) and while it had a good flavor, I was disappointed to discover that freshwater turtle just tasted like ground beef. All in all, I would recommend checking it out since it's a pretty unique place in the area!

1400 Valley St., Dayton, OH 45404

1400 Valley St., Dayton, OH 45404

Amber Rose 1400 Valley St. Dayton, OH 45404